The Company

PreDeem is a world-wide growing digital service platform provider company that makes daily spending delightful and saves time for Consumers. PreDeem brings a new dimension of shopping into everyday life.

With PreDeem shops, pharmacies, buffets (street food), restaurants - Retailers in general - provide customers the electronic acceptance of pre-orders and mobile payments. These Consumers cannot just order or pay for the products in advance, but they can pick-up their order in the shop without queuing, or even in front of the shop without parking. So, Retailers may offer a drive-through -like service even if they don't have a street front entrance.

Beyond blockchain-based settlements PreDeem will introduce and natively support payment for all products sold by the partner Retailers using cryptocurrency which will be a smooth and totally transparent process for the businesses. Their revenue will be accounted and reconciled in their local currency within PreDeem's settlement system.

The owners of the PreDeem token will have the right to vote and make recommendations in relevant issues such as customer service, new geographic areas, the offered range of goods or involvement of new Retailers. So, the owners of the PreDeem token contribute to the development of the system that will grant them advantages through goods and supply that is tailored to their needs.

  • By buying a Territorial Sales Licence (TSL), licence holders will have the opportunity to connect shops, restaurant, coffee shops into the system for which they can earn passive income for two or more years; and
  • By acquiring a Territorial Assisted Servicing Point Licence (TASPL) corresponding to a certain geographic area, licence holders for example can operate pick-up points with the use of PreDeem's system and can offer shopping/spending and value-added services from shops nearby the Assisted Service points. In this way, consumers will be served with the combined offering of several nearby businesses in that given locale.

One of PreDeem's priority tasks is to provide innovative and quality customer service, however in today's economic environment resourcing is the greatest challenge in its practical implementation.

Due to the scarcity and high cost of human resources, PreDeem enables the TASPL holders to organise workforce from sharing-economy based resources. At a later stage, there will be a possibility to use robots where appropriate, operating 24/7 at the Assisted Servicing points. This will provide that special customer service experience, e.g.: to allow shoppers to pick-up the pre-purchased items without having to park or get out of their cars, or to provide that special boxing / packaging or handover method requested, etc.

In time, robotised service will be supplemented with delivery by drones as soon as the regulations and the development of technology will allow it.

The PreDeem data base and data assets will serve as a foundation for starting new businesses, expanding or supplementing the range of current products or even launching new products. Valuable insights will be generated due to the blockchain-based settlement system. It can ensure unique opportunity and outstanding outcome for the members of PreDeem's business community.