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Smart Menu


PreDeem can power off and on, premise business with kerbside pickup and geofenced arrivals, turning your business into a virtual drive-thru.

Curbside pickup

Automated customer arrival notifications

No wait times and no unreliability. PreDeem is using location technology to automate arrival notifications. Our system notifies your staff on customer arrival, including vehicle information, to guarantee a fast and smooth hand off.

Automated prep time management

Busy kitchen? No Problem! Our system adjusts prep times in real time based on kitchen utilization, time of day and menu type. Your customers stay informed and don't show up early.

Predictive traffic

Hot food! Prepared right in time. Coming Soon! PreDeem analysis topography and traffic patterns, transmitting orders to the merchant just in time to avoid food sitting around and getting cold. Hot food equal to happy customers.

Custom signage

Guide your guest & drive awareness. Set up your custom branded 120 cm kerbside signs to drive awareness and a guarantee a smooth guest experience.

Applications and Web ordering

Powerful marketplace apps

Be in front of new customers. Be part of the PreDeem platform and the PreDeem marketplace apps. Join many merchants in one place.


Contactless ordering and payment processing. Process web and mobile orders with ease. PreDeem provides secure and reliable payment processing.

Turn your website into sales

Custom website ordering. Coming August. Turn your website traffic into sales and accept orders with our beautiful and user-friendly web ordering tool.

Digital menu

Your menu, everywhere and anytime. With PreDeem customers can easily explore your interactive menu on the web and on the app 24/7.

Allow for pre ordering

Customers can schedule orders. 

Process orders with ease online and mobile. PreDeem provides secure and reliable payment processing.

Unlimited menus

Lunch, Brunch, Dinner ... keep going. 

The PreDeem platform is very flexible, allowing you to have unlimited menus. Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Thursday Specials - we can handle it.

Real time updates

Need to change something? Done!

You can change prices, item details, opening times etc. anytime and anywhere and all changes are go public in real time.

Unlimited item customization

From build your own pizza to a medium-rate steak with two sides and add onions, you can have unlimited item customization with your own descriptions and call to actions.

Tips for your staff

Users can tip your staff at checkout with the default 10% or they can put in a custom amount. Either way all tips to go to you.

Promotions and Marketing

Setup coupons & voucher codes

Build custom coupons codes.
Set up custom coupon codes to incentivize first time orders or run specials for e.g. corporate clients or events and holidays.

Engage with your customers

Engage via push notification and email.
Have a promotion, special or other news? Use the PreDeem platform to send push notifications and emails to your customers, at no extra cost. 

Highlight discounts

Run promotions on an item level.
6£ off a special Main dish or 15% off drafts. You can set £ or % discounts on a per-item level and they will be highlighted in real time inside the app and your web ordering platform.

Automated promotions

Drive traffic during slow times.
You can set up automated promotions for entire menu categories like "Appetizers" to drive orders at slow times during a day or a special event.

Customer data and Insight

Your customer, your data

We are your tool and your partner. You have control.
You have access to your customer data. We are your tool for success NOT the other way around. 

Real time reports & dashboards

Understand sales & customer behavior. Coming August
Our dashboards provide you with insight into sales, trends and customer behavior.

Industry Trends

We keep you up to date.
We curate market trends and insights and share them with you on a frequent basis.

Localized Insights

Exclusive access to localized market insights.
We share localized market insights across our platform to help you understand local food trends and consumer behavior.

Ready to get started?

Explore PreDeem features, or sign up your business instantly and start accepting orders in 48 hours or less. You can also contact us to learn more.

Start your setup

Start accepting orders in 48h or less. 

Simple and transparent pricing

Pay as you go pre transaction pricing.


Powered by PreDeem

Have your own application within 2 weeks.

We offer you not only the platform but a pre-ordering and mobile payment application tailored to your design and a short deadline.

In your own application you can organize and provide the new dimension of shopping for your customers without any commission. Cost-efficient, there is no need for intermediate for the delivery and you can keep contact with your regular customers.