Curbside pick up - contactless delivery

Customer notifications to make it seamless

There is no waiting time and no unreliability. PreDeem uses unique technology to automate notifications.

Unique advertising spaces for everyone

to see Control your guests! Set up displays with a unique logo to draw attention and guarantee a good service!

Automated preparation time management

Busy kitchen? No worries! Our system adjusts the preparation times based on the tenure of the kitchen and the menu.

Applications and web ordering

Pre-order application

Be visible to new customers! Your novelties, promotions can appear continuously on social media.

Branded solutions

Custom website order - within 1 day. Receive orders with our user-friendly online ordering interface!

Digital menu

The menu, anywhere, anytime. With this feature, shoppers can easily view your interactive menu on we application.

Pre - orders

Set up scheduled orders to your customers

You can receive orders online and mobile. We provide a secure and reliable payment interface.

Unlimited menus

Lunch, breakfast, dinner ... etc.

The platform allows you to use unlimited menus. What, when? - Our web application can handle it.

Real-time updates

Need to change something? Ready!

You can change prices, product details, opening hours, promotions, etc. anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited items

Unique product for customers

From making your own pizza to medium or well done steak, you can customize it with your own descriptions.


Powered by PreDeem

Have your own application within 1 day.

We offer you not only the platform but a pre-ordering and mobile payment application tailored to your design and a short deadline.

In your own application you can organize and provide the new dimension of shopping for your customers without any commission. Cost-efficient, there is no need for intermediate for the delivery and you can keep contact with your regular customers.