Branded web and mobile application

The Padthai Wokbar Network had recognized they need to focus on contactless delivery and fast and convenient customer service. With PreDeem mobile Pickup platform they have launched them own mobile application.

The opportunity will be available to everyone to put the orders together. It is 100% suited to all individual needs.

Easy integration, no website needed!

Opinion of Gergely Simon, co-founder of Padthai:

Padthai offers a full range of digital ordering services to its customers, so pre-ordering from a mobile phone. Also serves the convenience to our customers, which we provide to them through our own application.

What can you use it for?

Pre-order from your smartphone

Access your ordering interface anywhere, anytime, with a QR code or promotional products in a post.

Digital menu on the tables

Speed ​​up the delivery of orders, add your current offers on a tablet, whether it be the hotel minibar or a Smart menu.

Display your offer on TV

Display your offerings, place the QR code and serve your customers without queuing, quickly and conveniently.