Frequently Asked Questions

What IT background is required to use the PreDeem store/shop application? 

To lauch the system there is no need for expensive IT investment, operational cost is minimal. You only have to

  • download the PreDeem store/shop application,

  • upload your products,

  • sign in to be available.

Then you can accept orders.

How does the shop receive the credit card payments? 

Shops receive credit card payments - including the convenience fee - immediately to their Barion accounts. It can be transferred to their own bank account for a 0,1% fee. Within Barion system ( the amount can be transferred free of charge to partners who also have a Barion wallet. 

Does PreDeem charge a turnover commission on the products sold through the application? 

PreDeem doesn't charge or deduct sales commission from its partners on the products sold through the application.